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The Next Regular Board of Directors meeting will be held, Sept 14, 2020. at 4:00 pm at the Little Hope-Moore WSC office, located at 150 FM 16, Canton, TX 75103

Board of Directors Meeting
Little Hope-Moore WSC Office
Sept. 14, 2020
4:00 P.M.

1.        Call to Order
2.        Roll Call
3.        Recognize Members/Guests Present

4.        Public Comments- Limit 3 minutes per speaker
5.        Approve Minutes Aug Meeting
6.        Approve Monthly Financial Statements            ·       

7.        Manager’s Report  

8.        Old Business     

9.        New business     
  • Discuss and Consider Buying a 2nd Truck
  • Discuss and Consider Thomas Beckham Subdivision HWY 64
  • Discuss and Consider Employee Job Descriptions, Compensation and Benefits
10.     Executive Session

11.     Set Meeting Date for Next Meeting

12.     Adjourn
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