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The main event involving the water corporation in 2010 was the settling of the lawsuit served to the Corporation in 2008. The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) had filed suit on the corporation for lack of sanitary easements around the well, improperly maintained equipment, not having emergency power generators, and some bad record keeping. After meeting all TCEQ’s requirements and getting their recognition for our efforts, we settled with the Attorney General of Texas for a small fine and court costs.

The next major event of 2010 was a fatality accident at the main water plant of Little Hope-Moore WSC, on Sept. 28th 2010. An intoxicated driver in the early morning hours, traveling westbound on FM 16 veered off the road, over corrected and flipped into the fence and back-up generator, destroying both. The payment from the Insurance Company plus some added money went to purchase a new back-up generator. The destroyed generator had been a used one.

Since having the back-up generators in place they have been used several times. In 2010 the snow and ice storm left us without electricity for several hours, and the spring storm that had several tornados left us without electricity for 2 days. Both times the generators served their purpose and customer service went uninterrupted.

In June and July we replaced a small section of 2 inch line with a 4 inch line on HWY 64 in the Field of Dreams area. I had hoped to replace several more lines in problem areas during the year but just couldn’t make it happen. There are still plans to replace lines on HWY 64 from FM 16 west towards Canton and VZCR 4123.

The last major improvement of 2010 was replacement of a storage tank at plant #1. There are 3 30,000 gallon storage tanks at that plant, with the oldest one being out of service the past two years, due to its condition. That now brings our storage capacity at that plant back to 90,000 gallons, meeting TCEQ’s storage requirement for the entire system at the present time.

Several leaks were found and fixed during the year, some due to accidents, some from dry weather and some from degraded pipes. Line replacement remains a high priority, both because of the condition of some of the lines and some being too small to serve their purpose. Also in the near future, we will be drilling a well in the Colfax area to replace the one that has been out of service since 2004, and looking at establishing a permanent office.


Craig Rogers

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