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Frequently asked questions

1. What do you treat the water with?

a. We disinfect the water with chlorine gas, and add a phosphate solution to sequester iron & other minerals. We don’t have a setup that would make a filter feasible so the phosphate is used to keep the minerals in suspension to prevent corrosion. Chlorine is highly corrosive, so the level is kept to a minimum, with enough residual to keep the water disinfected.


2. Do you add fluoride?

a. No, we are not required to add fluoride.


3. Where does the water come from?

a. All of our water is well water. It comes from the Carrizo-Wilcox Aquifer.


4. Why is my water sometimes brown?

a. All well water contains minerals. Iron & manganese are highly susceptible to corrosion. Since chlorine is so corrosive, it causes the minerals to rust out into the water. Aeration inside the storage tank & daily purging of the tanks help alleviate the problem. Also since the water is treated with phosphate, this helps also. However, with a groundwater system there is still some mineral buildup at the dead ends of the water lines. These have to be flushed periodically. Also with the age of many of these water lines, there is a mineral buildup inside the pipes. Any time there is a leak, high usage, or air enters the system, some of this buildup is broken loose & will appear as brown water or have solid pieces of debris. While this can be very aggravating, and can stain plumbing fixtures & clothes, it does not present a health threat.

Over time this buildup settles in a customer’s water heater tank. The high heat also causes the phosphate to break down and release sequestered minerals into the water and wind up as sludge in the bottom of the tank. This is one reason many customers believe they have dirty water at the same time every day. At bath time or any other time they normally use hot water, they may notice discoloration. You can avoid a lot of this inconvenience by regular flushing of your water heater. This will also extend the water heater’s life by keeping the bottom from rusting out and the elements clean on electric models. You should also avoid using water from the hot water tap for drinking or cooking because of plumbing solvents broken loose from the heat.

            Another situation becoming more common is the home’s elevation is lower than normal. Typically, on a new home construction, the contractor builds up a house pad to put the slab higher than the surrounding land. Some homes are set back off the road a little bit and the road may be higher than the house pad. Some contractors have actually dug down to create a level house pad rather than building up. In such a case this puts the customers plumbing, which is under the foundation, lower than the water supply line serving the home. No matter how well we keep the lines flushed out, some solids will settle to the bottom of the service lines. If the home’s plumbing is lower than the water line, simple gravity will draw any solids near the meter tap into the customer’s pipes. This is why many times one household will seem to continuously have problems, while the neighbors do not.

5. Where is the office?

a. Our office is currently located at 150 FM 16 in Canton, TX. It is on the southwest corner of the intersection of HWY 64 and FM 16. The entrance drive in located on FM 16. Our mailing address is 150 FM 16 in Canton, TX 75103.  We have a locked drop box at the gate of the office drive, if you wish to drop off a payment. 


6. Somebody needs to check this meter. I don’t use this much water!!!

a. Can a meter malfunction? Yes. It can wear out internally & not register every gallon that passes through it. It can also have a piece of debris lodge in it & slow it down or stop it from registering completely. However it cannot turn faster than the water that passes through it. So about the only way it can register wrong would be to give away water. All new meters come with a calibration verification from the factory.    


7. What is the policy for disconnection if I don’t pay my bill on time?  

a. We read meters on or around the 25th of each month. Bills are mailed on the last working day of each month. Bills are due on the 15th of the following month. If full payment is not received by the 15th, late notices are sent. If the bill remains unpaid and the customer has not contacted the office by the time meters are read again on the 25th, then service is disconnected at that time. Full payment plus a $100 reconnection fee is then required to restore service. If service remains unpaid for 10 days following disconnection, the account is liquidated, the value of the membership is applied to the debt and any remaining money from the membership is either refunded to the customer or a final bill is send to the customer. To reconnect, a new service application must be filled out along with purchase of new membership at the current price and paying any outstanding balance.

There have been issues involving the mail service not delivering bills and some of not delivering payments. We send bills out on the working day before the first of the month, so if you have not received yours by the 10th you need to contact the office. We cannot be responsible for problems with the mail delivery. However, if you receive a late notice after sending in a payment, call the office and let us know. We will honor a payment postmarked before the 15th and not assess a late fee.


8. Can I have my meter turned off?

a. To turn off a meter and not receive a bill, the customer must cancel his membership with the corporation. The account will be finalized to the date the cancelation notice is signed and a final bill will be set. The membership will be applied to the balance of the account and a refund or a final bill to the customer will be sent and the meter will be pulled and billing stopped. To have a meter reinstalled at the same location a new membership must be purchased at the current value, a turn on fee must be paid and new service application documents filled out.

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