2013 STEP Grant
Little Hope-Moore WSC hosted a public meeting on March 18, 2013 at the Little Hope-Moore Community Center to discuss Van Zandt County
sponsoring LHMWSC for a Small Town Environmental Project of the Texas Community Development Block Grant Program. In attendance were
the board and staff of LHMWSC, County Judge Rita Koches, Project Engineer Stan Hayes, and Mary Kay Thomas of Amazing Grants, coordinator,
along with 33 area citizens, mostly members of LHMWSC co-op.

Ms. Thomas explained that VZC was eligible to receive $274,114 in grant money for a line upgrade for LHM.
Mr. Hayes outlined the project saying it would replace about 4 miles of undersized pipe, serving SH 64, CR’s 4134, 4123, 4103, and 4120. CR’s
4124 and 4121 would also benefit by being served from a larger line.

Several citizens signed the roster for construction and non-construction volunteers. Judge Koches stated that the county would allow the use of
inmates as construction volunteers.
The lengthy process began dealing with the state to get funding.

Contractor bids were opened on May 23, 2014. Johnson Supply in Palestine was awarded the materials contract at $66,167.55. Ferguson Waterworks
was awarded the contract to supply 75 radio-read meters for $12,844. Small purchase orders went to Utility Solutions for directional boring, Ditch
Witch of East Texas for track hoe rental, and CR Electric for trencher rental.

We broke ground in December 2014 and began laying pipe down CR 4134. The original completion date was slated for August 2015, but with the
heavy rainfall, we were able to get an extension to Dec 14, 2015.

With help from the VZC Sheriff’s Office and numerous volunteers, we were able to get this project completed on time. 4 miles of 1 ½” & 2” pipe
was replaced with a new 4” line.

Here is a map of the placement of new lines.
Community Meeting 2015

Community Meeting 2015